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How does Free From Type 2 work?

I've never done online training or webinars and I'm not great with computers...

We've had lots of people join us saying things like " I'm 69yrs old, I can't believe that I got online and it was actually much easier than I thought".

If you can send an email then you have all the skills you need to join us online. All of our systems are designed to be simple and easy to use. We want you to get what you need, not get frustrated or annoyed before you even get started. You will need a computer/tablet/phone that has a camera and a microphone. This is standard in most computers now. It means that you can get the support you need when it suits you. You don't even need to leave your comfy chair - technology allows us to come to you.


Do I have to eat special foods or use supplements?

No and No. You will be eating most of the things you are used to with a few changes. There are no weird foods you have to trawl online to even find, just what you would find in your local supermarket. There are a few supplements we recommend, this is because they are shown in large studies to be as effective as the common diabetic medications but without the side effects. Whether you use them or not is completely up to you.


Do you have private tuition?

Mary loves working one on one with people. Unfortunately there is only so much of her to go around so the spaces are limited. This is for you if you want to take the fast track and work directly with Mary to get your health in order now. Of course her clients say lovely things about her, here's some of the Platinum clients feedback; "I don't know how you do it, but I am naturally making the changes, I'm not sabotaging myself anymore, Chocolate has stopped calling to me". To find out more click here

I'm totally confused and don't know where to start.

Conflicting advice or no clear advice can make it so difficult. You think you're doing everything right but still your sugars stay stubbornly high. We lift the lid on nutrition, bust the myths and share the truths. This means you know exactly how foods impact your body and what steps to take next. It is not about deprivation and restriction, it is about small tweaks that make a massive difference. If you are an evening snacker, then you can stay an evening snacker (even enjoy chocolate brownies) we will give you an alternative snack list that still feels fun and decadent but without guilt, sugar spikes and weight gain.



Are you sure you can really manage type 2 easily?

Yes, type 2 diabetes can be easily managed without medication. Mary has done it herself for hundreds of people over the last decade. Knowledge and expert support are the 2 key components when it comes to making the changes to manage type 2 diabetes. You are not alone on this journey.



I have high blood pressure too, will this still help me?

Did you know it's actually more important to control your blood pressure than your blood sugar? Everything we do is designed to easily get you fighting fit. It is common to have the dreaded duo of diabetes and hypertension and we have specific plans that will tackle both.

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