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Type 2 Diabetes

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes doesn't need to be a life sentence.

The key is understanding what is happening in your body. Only then can you break free.

Reverse Diabetes

Were you told that diabetes was a progressive disease?

What if that's wrong and just by making some simple changes you could get yourself out of the diabetic zone?

Your Lifestyle

Diabetes didn't happen overnight. It's been sneaking up on you for years. The signs were there, but your doctor never looked for them.

The key to dropping sugars doesn't come in a medicine bottle.

Discover why doctors give out-dated and obsolete advice... Ignoring the latest medical research:

 How Our 5-Step Plan Helps You Drop Your Sugars


Discover why you have type 2 (it's nothing to do with your weight)

What if Type 2 Diabetes was actually a symptom of a different disease? A disease that the medication you are given doesn't treat? A disease that gets worse with time? The only way to improve or even reverse your diabetes doesn't come from your doctor.  It comes from your kitchen. 


Avoid "healthy" foods that harm your body

You've been told to follow a diet full of foods that will make your blood sugars worse - no matter how hard you try. These are foods like oatmeal and porridge. These foods might be regarded as 'healthy', but they are definitely not healthy for you.


Embrace foods that heal and nourish your body

Decadence is the answer. Deprivation is not a long term health strategy and never works. How about bacon and eggs for breakfast? Knowing that they are supporting your body AND dropping your sugars.


Ask our friendly community for help and tips 

You've tried to go it alone already, this is not a solo-journey. You've got a ready made team waiting for you in my community. We are all waiting to answer your questions, help you when it seems tough and celebrate your successes.


Communicate with your medical professional so you don't accidentally over-medicate

Yes, your sugars will drop quickly when you make the changes I recommend. You need to ensure you stay in communication with your doctor and team as you may need to reduce your medications quite quickly. This is especially important if you are using insulin. Most people no longer need insulin after the first four weeks. I don't want you risking hypoglycaemic episodes.

Who This Is For...

I've been told I'm pre-diabetic

Now is the time to take action. Some simple changes to your diet will make sure you never have to hear the words "you're diabetic".

The changes that you make now will have a dramatic impact on your health.

I've been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

The good news is that studies show use that 100% of diabetics can reverse their diabetes within the first 3 years after diagnosis.

You don't need to sign up for a lifetime of medication. You can beat this.

I've been diabetic for more than 3 years...

OK, so you've been living with diabetes for longer. That doesn't mean it has to stay that way. If you take action now and treat the real disease your body will start to balance your blood sugars. You will see an improvement in your health. 

about ME

Hi, I'm Mary

I understand the frustration that comes with the diagnosis of diabetes. I know you don't want to be taking multiple medications. I know you don't want to worry about the effects that diabetes could have on your life and health.

I'm a diabetes nurse from New Zealand and I've spent the last 20 years helping diabetics, just like you, reclaim their health.

You are not alone. I am on a mission. I have dedicated myself to helping at least 10,000 men and women reverse their diabetes and control their blood sugars naturally. I am here to help.


Check what my clients say about me

Mary, thanks are not enough because I do not have diabetes now. It has taken 8 months to get it right but without your help I would not be saying this today.

Diane Durrant

I saw my nurse today. I won't get my blood test results back for a couple of weeks but I'm already down 16 lbs and my blood pressure is normal! Best of all was when she was looking at the screen and asked me, "What medications are you on?" to which I replied, "Absolutely none!" I skipped out of the surgery! So keep going all you newbies... you'll get there with Mary's guidance x

Sally Welzel

I started in July 2018. Both me and my other half are now in type 2 diabetes remission and have lost a lot more than just weight! Sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure and joint pain are all gone! I feel about 30 years younger!

Eileen Elks