30 Day Challenge - Drop Your Sugars and Lose Weight with My Support

The simple steps will put you in control of your sugars and your health.

Mary Kemp R.N

Founder of Free From Type 2

Hi, I'm Mary

The fact that you are watching this video tells me a few things about you.

It tells me that you want to take charge of your diabetes.

It tells me that you don't want to be put on more medications for diabetes.

It tells me that you've tried a few things but want to make sure you are on the right track.

It tells me that you know you need more answers and support to beat diabetes for good, so you d​​​​on't worry about tingles in your toes or your next appointment with your doctor.

You Are Caught in an Invisible Trap. It's Not Your Fault and I'm Determined to Break You Free.

When you join me on the 30 Day Challenge, we will spend a month together.  I am going to hand you the exact secrets I've shared with my clients over the last 10 years that have helped them stop the cycle of struggling with the right food to eat, how to bring their sugars down and lose weight.

I am going to give you critical information the food and medical industry are desperate to hide from you.  You will understand exactly what is happening in your body and how to treat the real cause of diabetes - unless you do that - diabetes will continue to progress - no matter how many medications you are on.

This is not a diet - they never work and have a 98% failure rate. 

I will show you the exact steps to really treat diabetes. This is not about expensive supplements or superfoods. It has nothing to do with willpower or motivation.

We will work together in a small group, which will give you the exact tools you need to take back control.

There is no calorie counting or deprivation, it’s about understanding the real cause of diabetes and making sure you never feel hungry.

This is all about making you the expert in you and your body and understanding the simple steps that will drop your sugars and your weight.

Are you ready to take control over the real cause of the problem?


Weekly Live Support Meetings

You don't need to be a tech wizz. It's as simple as clicking a link and there are times that will fit you diary no matter where you are in the world. I'll translate your test results so you know what they actually mean, I'll answer your questions about medications, how to deal with eating out - it's like having me on your shoulder every step of the way.

Support and community is the key to making long-term change.


Private Members Website

This is where you get access to my courses and guides that will walk you through each step of the process. You can do this all at your own pace.

You get menu's, recipes, video guides to every aspect of diabetes and your health.

Including guides to arthritis, neuropathy, testing your sugars and much more. I'll answer your questions about which supplements do help and the ones that waste your money.  

This is your hub - where I give you all the resources you need to easily make changes to your lifestyle.


Private FaceBook Group

This is a members only group. You will be part of a community that understands where you are and what you need to do to get free from diabetes.

You'll get real time answers to your questions -from myself and others that have been on the same journey.

I will share the latest research so you know what is happening and will be more up to date that your doctor. You can make decisions based on evidence - not the latest headline in the paper.


What You Are Going to Get:

Why being overweight does not cause T2

Learn why most diabetics are WRONG to think their weight caused their Type 2. This simple fact will release you from feeling guilty and allow you to move forwards feeling fresh and motivated.

Uncover the 'good' foods that makes diabetes worse

Most people seek out these foods thinking that they are being healthy. You’ll discover what these hidden dangers are and how to avoid them.

Which foods will get your sugars where they belong

No more surprises, you’ll know exactly what sends your sugars up and keeps them low.

What really causes type 2

When you understand what is the real cause of type 2 you’ll realize how easy it can be to halt the progression naturally.

The real role of a critical hormone

There’s no medication that treats the cause of type 2 diabetes. Medications are designed to treat the symptom – high blood sugars. The information in this guide will give you all you need to treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

A clear plan to move forwards

With the right information it’s easy to plan a path to a clear future. This guide will give you both along with a simple shopping guide which includes the danger foods most diabetics don’t know to avoid.

How will it feel to be excited about your next blood test - knowing that your Hba1c results will be down?

Knowing that you finally have the solution that will work for you for life.

My clients tell me these are just some of the ways their life changes when they work with me:

  • You don't feel hungry and the carb cravings disappear
  • Your sugars are down to normal levels without extra medication or side effects
  • You lose weight without starving yourself or feeling deprived
  • You understand the impact of the wrong foods and know how to avoid them
  • When you have more energy and patience for your friends and family
  • When your doctor asks you what you've been doing to get results likes this and suggests reducing your medication
  • You feel better than you have for years - you didn't realise how much diabetes was costing you

You can continue looking for the next new diet, super-food or supplement to come along that makes more fake promises along with impossible “before and after” photos.

Or you can attack the real cause and create the life you deserve.

Now is the time to change rewrite your future with my help and support.

I believe in you. I've helped thousands of people make changes in their life they didn’t believe possible. Once you understand what is really causing your diabetes, and you have a plan to avoid the foods you are hypersensitive to, the path ahead becomes easier. I will show you how to ​treat the real disease so you are free from type 2 for good.

You are not alone.

only £97

  • Expert Live Support so you can have your questions answered and learn from other people’s experiences
  • Small Groups So I Can Work Closely With Each Person And Give Individual Support 
  • Weekly Online Meetings so you can join us from anywhere
  • Recordings Of All Meetings that you can listen to at your convenience
  • 30 day Step By Step Foundation To Cement Your New lifestyle
  • Complete online courses and guides in my members website
  • Special Bonus: an individual coaching session for the first 5 people only

Suren Gungadoo


“Within 4 weeks I was off all my insulin, it's in my fridge waiting to give back. I've stopped my Invokana now too. My sugars are the best they've ever been, it's been so much easier than I thought. I'm sleeping better and have got so much energy now”


What People Are Saying


Astrid Graham


“So I saw the nurse today HbA1c is down from 9.4 to 7.3. Cholesterol down from 4.6 to 3.8. Even on the nurses scales I had lost nearly 18 lbs. Continuing on the Metformin and Tradjenta and see nurse again in 6 months. Over the moon. ”

Mark Rathjen


“Well , I cant claim these words to be my own , I think one of the girls on here said them first , so I am sorry I have pinched them - I don't know whether to laugh or cry , I have just had my HbA1c results , I have gone from 77 in March 2016 to 48 this December , I am absolutely chuffed - thank you Mary! ”

Clive Sutton


“I must admit to being a little sceptical about not needing the odd meal. 

This is because for many years, my previously high carb meals and diets always left me feeling hungry within a few hours.

I am only eating when I feel the need and not just because it’s lunchtime.  
In the last four weeks I have lost a total of 14lbs without even trying to diet.
This is a great incentive to continue my fight to be free from type 2! ”

Sally Welzel


“After being a border line diabetic for 7 years my readings suddenly shot up. My GP said I would have to go on Metformin. This thoroughly depressed me as I hate taking pills. I went home & googled Reverse type 2 diabetes & found Mary. 3 months later (& also off the blood pressure tablets) my GP was so astounded that my readings came down from 73 to 55 that he asked to speak to Mary and told me to keep going! ”


What am I going to eat?

Do you have recipes and menus I can use?

Can I pay with a different currency?

But my doctor/nurse/dietitian has told me to eat carbs at every meal and have snacks?

Will I be able to eat out?

I’m not great with technology and haven’t ever gone to an online meeting

I’ve struggled to lose weight - why will this be different?

Can I join if I am using insulin?

Do you have meetings that will work in my timezone?

Allan shares his story of his journey to getting free from diabetes to enjoy his retirement.


  • 3.30 min - What really worries Allan about being diabetic
  • 7.10 min - Feeling skeptical about whether it will really work for him
  • 10.39 min - Leaving insulin behind
  • star-o
    15.30 min - Dealing with an insidious condition
  • star-o
    17.04 min - Proud of what he has achieved
  • star-o
    20.54 min - The path my doctors choose was not the right path for me...

Allan Knights, UK

​30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!


​Money Back Guarantee


If you attend the groups with me and you find that your sugars and weight are no different after 30 Days then drop me or my team a quick email and we will give you a full refund. Without asking any questions at all. The risk is on us.