break free from diabetes

Find out what's really causing your diabetes and the simple steps to
dropping sugars.

  • Avoid the hidden danger foods: Avoiding these trigger foods can help you manage your blood sugars and avoid spikes

  • Menu's, shopping lists and recipes: My no-deprivation food plan. The recipes are my client's favourites and they saw their sugars dropping in days.
  • Understand the REAL disease that diabetes is just a symptom of that no medication will improve.

In FOODS TO AVOID you will discover:

what really causes diabetes

Uncover the real disease that causes diabetes. It is nothing to do with willpower or motivation and it's virtually impossible to lose weight without treating the underlying condition.

Practical, Step-by-Step Recipes

Delicious easy recipes that will drop your sugars overnight. No weird superfoods or expensive supplements required.

Why following current advice will make your diabetes worse

'Healthy foods' are not always healthy for you. I'll share the most dangerous 'healthy' foods to avoid.

Unlock Your Body's Secrets

One size doesn't fit all. I'll share exactly the lifestyle to follow to get you into the best health of your adult life.

What my clients said you need to know...

Why being overweight does not cause T2

Learn why most diabetics are WRONG to think their weight caused their Type 2. This simple fact will release you from feeling guilty and allow you to move forwards feeling fresh and motivated.

Uncover the 'good' foods that makes diabetes worse

Most people seek out these foods thinking that they are being healthy. You’ll discover what these hidden dangers are and how to avoid them.

Which foods will get your sugars where they belong

No more surprises, you’ll know exactly what sends your sugars up and keeps them low.

What really causes type 2

When you understand what is the real cause of type 2 you’ll realize how easy it can be to halt the progression naturally.

The real role of a critical hormone

There’s no medication that treats the cause of type 2 diabetes. Medications are designed to treat the symptom – high blood sugars. The information in this guide will give you all you need to treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

A clear plan to move forwards

With the right information it’s easy to plan a path to a clear future. This guide will give you both along with a simple shopping guide which includes the danger foods most diabetics don’t know to avoid.

What People Are Saying

Astrid Graham


“So I saw the nurse today HbA1c is down from 9.4 to 7.3. Cholesterol down from 4.6 to 3.8. Even on the nurses scales I had lost nearly 18 lbs. Continuing on the Metformin and Tradjenta and see nurse again in 6 months. Over the moon. ”

Mark Rathjen


“Well ,I cant claim these words to be my own, I think one of the girls on here said them first, so I am sorry I have pinched them - I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I have just had my HbA1c results, I have gone from 77 in March 2016 to 48 this December, I am absolutely chuffed - thank you Mary! ”

Clive Sutton


“I must admit to being a little sceptical about not needing the odd meal. 

This is because for many years, my previously high carb meals and diets always left me feeling hungry within a few hours.

I am only eating when I feel the need and not just because it’s lunchtime.  
In the last four weeks I have lost a total of 14 lbs without even trying to diet. 
This is a great incentive to continue my fight to be free from type 2! ”

Sally Welzel


“After being a border line diabetic for 7 years my readings suddenly shot up. My GP said I would have to go on Metformin. This thoroughly depressed me as I hate taking pills. I went home & googled Reverse type 2 diabetes & found Mary. 3 months later (& also off the blood pressure tablets) my GP was so astounded that my readings came down from 73 to 55 that he asked to speak to Mary and told me to keep going! ”

Hi, I'm Mary 

My “super-power” is being able to simplify the complex world of health and reduce your confusion with clear, actionable, and science-backed advice that cuts through the nonsense.

I'm a diabetes nurse from New Zealand and I'm determined to turn the tide on diabetes one person at a time. I've unfortunately seen first hand, in my diabetic patients, that ignoring your health problems doesn’t make them go away…they only come back stronger.