"How do I reduce my blood sugar levels?" is the number one question I'm asked.

And the answer is simple.  

Stop eating the one and only thing that makes your blood sugars go up:


You already know to avoid sugar, don't you?  It's probably the first thing your doctor told you.  Sugar is one of the simplest forms of carbohydrate.

It's what all other, more complex carbohydrates, are broken down into.

(Remember this point... It's CRITICAL to understanding how to easily keep your blood sugar levels low.  We'll come back to it in just a moment.)

To help explain the information you need to know to keep your blood sugars low, I came up with a concept I call "Jerry vs Andy".

Although Jerry and Andy are not real “flesh and blood” people per se - their traits are absolutely real and based upon real people.

You are currently one of them.

Which one? … well, you’ll need to read the rest of this page to discover that.

But know this… one of them worries about their sugars and upcoming A1c blood test every single day. The other one has confidence they’re controlling their sugars easily and naturally.

One last thing… I’m not selling anything here. Not a thing. So get a coffee, get comfortable and relax.

Do you remember the day the doctor looked over their glasses at you and said, “Your sugars are high. You have type 2 diabetes”?

The way the world felt surreal around you as a sense of disbelief hit you?

“How can I be sick? I feel fine.” But there you are, taking pills for type 2, high blood pressure, and with a statin thrown in for good luck.

You’re not alone. Thousands of people go through that terrible experience every day only to feel lost and ignored by the medical profession.

Let’s take a closer look at Jerry and Andy and what’s required to make transformation from one who worries and fears for the future to one who feels relaxed and in control. But before I do,...

The first step is choosing the “call to adventure”

It’s a choice.

Either do it or don’t do it.

A decision. Like Paul Arden explains in “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite”:

Some people were brought up to “not be a bother”. To sit up straight at the table. To hold their knife properly. To listen to their teacher. To do as they are told.

Even if it harms them.

But maybe there’s part of you that is ready to stand up for yourself. A part that won’t accept being told what to do with no explanation. A part that’s ready to rebel... but is looking for the direction.

If that’s you, it’s time to meet Jerry.

Jerry is likely to represent you right now; if not entirely, certainly a close enough match to make you very uncomfortable as you read this.

Jerry was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after hearing the endless, “You need to lose weight” for years. 

He’d tried to cut back on sugar and beer, but nothing seemed to work for him. The diets all seemed to promise what he wanted, but every single one failed to deliver. There’s only so much you can do before it feels impossible.