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Designed to drop your sugars, banish extra weight and get back to health:
  • Support is the key. Weekly online meetings, that you can easily join no matter what your computer skills or where you are in the world.
  • Know exactly what to eat. Multiple menu plans, recipes and detailed guides that walk you through exactly what to eat. No calorie counting or deprivation here!
  • You become the expert. Giving you a much better (and science-based) understanding of nutrition and how your body works…without complicated and confusing details.

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Suren Gungadoo


“I'm was off all my insulin, it's in my fridge waiting to give back. I've stopped my Invokana now too. My sugars are the best they've ever been, it's been so much easier than I thought. I'm sleeping better and have got so much energy now”

As A Member You Will Discover:


This low-carb plan won't just help diabetes. It will improve your overall health and can improve other conditions. Like Gay, who suffers with arthritis and hasn't had to take her naproxen (strong anti-inflammatory) for 3 months! Gay said it feels like she's aging in reverse.


Most diabetes medications only treat the symptom (high blood sugar) this is why diabetes still steals 10 years from your life even when you are well controlled on medication.

We'll be treating the real disease (it's not diabetes) so that your sugars drop and weight disappears without feeling hungry. 


You'll get access to my complete library of guides. The guides are there to give you complete support in all areas of your health that diabetes can destroy. 


  • Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Neuropathy
  • Supplements
  • Reflux, GERD, Gastroparesis and many more...


Being diabetic has nothing to do with lack of willpower or greed. Together we'll be busting all the myths that are keeping you trapped.

you’ve probably been told THAT:

  • Losing weight is as simple as eating less and moving more
  • Not eating will put your body into “starvation mode” and force you to store fat
  • You can’t eat delicious food and also lose weight
  • Fat and cholesterol are bad for you
  • You need to eat lots of healthy carbs when you're diabetic

these myths are completely false!

Your course in the members area

Not only do you get live support in our group meetings, but you get a course that has everything you need to drop sugars now.


  • Meal Plans
  • Video guides
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • Making it work with a family
  • Which fruit and vegetables are the best choices
  • And lots more...

Our meetings

You don't need to be a tech wizz to join us. The meetings are recorded so you never miss out and can review the advice whenever you like.

Hi, I'm Mary 

My “super-power” is being able to simplify the complex world of health and reduce your confusion with clear, actionable, and science-backed advice that cuts through the nonsense.

I'm a diabetes nurse from New Zealand and I'm determined to turn the tide on diabetes one person at a time. I've unfortunately seen first hand, in my diabetic patients, that ignoring your health problems doesn’t make them go away…they only come back stronger.

What People Are Saying

Astrid Graham


“So I saw the nurse today HbA1c is down from 9.4 to 7.3. Cholesterol down from 4.6 to 3.8. Even on the nurses scales I had lost nearly 18 lbs. Continuing on the Metformin and Tradjenta and see nurse again in 6 months. Over the moon. ”

Mark Rathjen


“Well , I cant claim these words to be my own , I think one of the girls on here said them first , so I am sorry I have pinched them - I don't know whether to laugh or cry , I have just had my HbA1c results , I have gone from 77 in March 2016 to 48 this December , I am absolutely chuffed - thank you Mary! ”

Clive Sutton


“I must admit to being a little sceptical about not needing the odd meal. 

This is because for many years, my previously high carb meals and diets always left me feeling hungry within a few hours.

I am only eating when I feel the need and not just because it’s lunchtime.  
In the last four weeks I have lost a total of 14lbs without even trying to diet.
This is a great incentive to continue my fight to be free from type 2! ”

Sally Welzel


“After being a border line diabetic for 7 years my readings suddenly shot up. My GP said I would have to go on Metformin. This thoroughly depressed me as I hate taking pills. I went home & googled Reverse type 2 diabetes & found Mary. 3 months later (& also off the blood pressure tablets) my GP was so astounded that my readings came down from 73 to 55 that he asked to speak to Mary and told me to keep going! ”

Where will you be in 90 Days?

Get everything you need to go into your next diabetic review smiling...

You'll be in a supportive group of people determined to reclaim their health. 

Eating delicious food and watching your sugars improve. 

Yes, bacon and eggs for breakfast, delicious!

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