Non-Diabetic in 11 Weeks!

Stephen Lewis

I suffered from constant extreme tiredness, also I had no way of knowing how to drop my sugars or get in control.

I thought I was doing the right thing but I was lacking the exact knowledge required. As a result my HbA1c was far to high at 55. I realised that something needed to be done or I would be at the point of no return.

I had been looking for a while but most studies were centered towards people on insulin or with kidney disease. Free from Type 2 made immediate sense to me and introduced the right tools and knowledge for me to work with. It was a revelation.

It wasn't so much joining the Facebook group it was the thought of going under Mary's tutelage that I was a bit hesitant about at first. Why? I think I was at the point of no return and I had to stop kidding myself that HbA1c readings in the 50's were OK.

I knew that if I joined forces with Mary I had to put my best foot forward because although I didn't want to let myself or my family down, most importantly I didn't want to let Mary down. It also went through my mind that I needed to get real with my diabetic condition because the alternative facing me would be massively failing health. The time was right for me to make change and this ensured that my head was right for the challenges in front of me.

The group is run superbly with a lot of support, not just from Mary but from the other group members. Most importantly, whatever challenges you may have or whatever questions you may have, their is always an answer or a solution. A lot of people don't know where to start when they have diabetes, this group takes you by the hand and gives you all the guidance and support you could possibly need. As they say a problem shared is a problem halved, and most importantly whatever doubts or struggles you may have, somebody else has already had them, and as a result can offer sound practical guidance and support

In simple terms I wanted a track to run on. This I found, and it encouraged great dietary discipline but with very little hardship.

It just made sense, but most importantly their was so much up to date scientific guidance and knowledge. Things are broken down into easy to understand language, allied with practical guidance.

In simple terms, I am now operating with non-diabetic bloods. This was achieved in just under three weeks and eleven weeks later I am still on target to achieve a non-diabetic (not even pre-diabetic) HbA1c. A nice side effect is that I have also lost 25 pounds in weight. I can also honestly that I have never been hungry on this newfound way of eating. Most importantly it is NOT A DIET, it is a way of embracing foods that are a more natural fit for the human body.

I enjoy the regular zoom meetings, the banter between the members, the flow of information about many subjects and the fact that you have a wealth of knowledge you can tap into at any moment in time.

First and foremost I would use myself as a pretty good real-life example as to how the scourge of diabetes can be controlled, reduced and even reversed by following the guidance from Mary and the group. As they say, I've read the book, seen the film and got the T-shirt with regards to Type 2 diabetes. At the end of the day, I would encourage a friend to "wake up and smell the coffee".

You can't stick your head in the sand with diabetes as it is a progressive disease which will control your life, reduce the quality of your life and ultimately take your life. In other words, what is there to lose?

Health is a personal thing and without doubt the most important factor in determining whether we have a good, active, healthy and rewarding life. I can't speak too highly of Mary Kemp and the group. She/they have given me my life back to what it was ten years ago. Energy levels have gone up, enthusiasm has increased, my weight has gone down and above all, I now have the tools to keep this disease at bay if not eradicated forever

Suren Gungadoo


“Within 4 weeks of starting the 30-Day Challenge I was off all my insulin, it's in my fridge waiting to give back. I've stopped my Invokana now too. My sugars are the best they've ever been, it's been so much easier than I thought. I'm sleeping better and have got so much energy now”

Hi, I'm Mary 

My “super-power” is being able to simplify the complex world of health and reduce your confusion with clear, actionable, and science-backed advice that cuts through the nonsense.

I'm a diabetes nurse from New Zealand and I'm determined to turn the tide on diabetes one person at a time. I've unfortunately seen first hand, in my diabetic patients, that ignoring your health problems doesn’t make them go away…they only come back stronger.

What People Are Saying

Astrid Graham


“So I saw the nurse today HbA1c is down from 9.4 to 7.3. Cholesterol down from 4.6 to 3.8. Even on the nurses scales I had lost nearly 18 lbs. Continuing on the Metformin and Tradjenta and see nurse again in 6 months. Over the moon. ”

Mark Rathjen


“Well , I cant claim these words to be my own , I think one of the girls on here said them first , so I am sorry I have pinched them - I don't know whether to laugh or cry , I have just had my HbA1c results , I have gone from 77 in March 2016 to 48 this December , I am absolutely chuffed - thank you Mary! ”

Clive Sutton


“I must admit to being a little sceptical about not needing the odd meal. 

This is because for many years, my previously high carb meals and diets always left me feeling hungry within a few hours.

I am only eating when I feel the need and not just because it’s lunchtime.  
In the last four weeks I have lost a total of 14lbs without even trying to diet.
This is a great incentive to continue my fight to be free from type 2! ”

Sally Welzel


“After being a border line diabetic for 7 years my readings suddenly shot up. My GP said I would have to go on Metformin. This thoroughly depressed me as I hate taking pills. I went home & googled Reverse type 2 diabetes & found Mary. 3 months later (& also off the blood pressure tablets) my GP was so astounded that my readings came down from 73 to 55 that he asked to speak to Mary and told me to keep going! ”

Allan shares his story of his journey to getting free from diabetes to enjoy his retirement.


  • 3.30 min - What really worries Allan about being diabetic
  • 7.10 min - Feeling skeptical about whether it will really work for him
  • 10.39 min - Leaving insulin behind
  • 15.30 min - Dealing with an insidious condition
  • 17.04 min - Proud of what he has achieved
  • 20.54 min - The path my doctors choose was not the right path for me...

Allan Knights, UK