“I matter. My life matters. My father’s life mattered. My family’s life matters.”

It is so easy to listen to the doctors and worry, just like Jerry, about the future - but that misses the truth of the situation.

You have to stand up for yourself. You have to take responsibility for your own health.

If you don’t, your life will be dominated by people who don’t know or don’t care.

When zoomed out, this is obvious.

But it is easily forgotten in the weeds of the daily battle.

Jerry can’t see the obvious, but Andy can.

Andy builds his knowledge on a solid foundation.

Andy knows his type 2 can be controlled by diet. It’s been known since Ancient Greek times when people were fed “special diets” but was all forgotten 100 years ago when insulin was bottled for the first time.

Andy understands WHY sugar is so damaging to his body. It literally rips the capillaries apart, and, one day, the body can no longer keep up with the damage so the nerves die… the tingling sensations diabetics dread are the final death throws as the nerves die off.

But what really took Andy’s breath away was when he discovered that type 2 diabetes is not a “stand alone” disease.

Type 2 is a symptom of something else. There’s another disease that’s the root cause of his diabetes.

If you treat the other disease, your type 2 goes away.

Andy had never been told this before and it sounded too far-fetched at first. But it also made perfect sense.

Over the years, he knew he’d eaten too many carbohydrates.

At first, his body released insulin to take up the sugar and store it in his fat cells.

Over time, his body stopped listening to the constantly high levels of insulin and he became “insulin resistant”. Eventually, his pancreas became so exhausted, it could no longer produce insulin and he became diabetic.

If his doctor, years ago, had simply tested him for high insulin levels, all of this could have been avoided. But it’s too late to turn back the clock. The only choice was what to do next.

The options were easy.

One - listen to his dietitian and doctor and “don’t be a bother".  Keep taking pills that would pummel his already battered pancreas into producing even more insulin.

But a pancreas can only take so much.  When it eventually gives up completely, he’d then need to inject insulin and be on course to do what most diabetics do and die of a heart attack 10 years before his time.

Two - give his pancreas a rest and allow it to heal itself so it started to produce insulin again.

Not much of a decision really, is it?


That simple information is the heart of what’s happening to every "Jerry".

If you had an ear infection, and I gave you pain relief, would that take care of the infection? Of course not. Over time, you’d need more pain relief as the infection got worse.

You have to treat the root cause of the pain. (Or not. It’s your decision.)

You have a disease called insulin resistance.

One of its symptoms is called type 2 diabetes

If you treat the root cause of why you have insulin resistance, it goes away… along with all the symptoms.

But everybody with type 2 starts out as a Jerry because they’re not given that information.

They’re given medicine to “control” their blood sugars, rather than told how to stop their blood sugars rising in the first place by tackling the insulin resistance.

By the way, there’s no drug in the world that can tackle insulin resistance. (Someone more cynical than me may draw a conclusion there…)

Insulin resistance can be treated. But only by diet. You need to give your pancreas a rest.

Now, I make it clear that all the information I give you is based on scientific studies with one exception because this is anecdotal:

I’ve helped over 1,000 type 2 diabetics control their blood sugars naturally and only one in all that time have not been able to come off their insulin. She had been on insulin for over 20 years and is on a fraction of what she used to be.

The human body is pretty amazing, even if it feels like it’s let you down at times. It can heal from years or decades of abuse. Most people’s pancreas starts working almost immediately. I can only think of a handful of people who haven’t come off their insulin within 3-4 weeks. If you’re not on insulin, it’s usually faster.