Jerry remains a “good boy” who does what he’s told. He wishes his doctor and nurse told him more or explained his blood test results.

But he doesn’t insist because he knows they are busy and somehow that’s more important than his life.

Jerry takes his pills, knowing more will be prescribed. He lives his life as well as he can, feeling older than he should. Everything is slowly becoming more difficult and more tiring and sometimes giving up is the easiest thing to do.

Jerry worries a lot.

He dreads every A1c test because he knows one day his doctor will look at him and say, “I think we need to make a difficult decision. The numbers keep going up and you need to start injecting insulin.”

That’s going to be bad, but knowing the look of pain and hurt in his wife’s eyes as he tells her is what he’s really scared of.

Andy is different.

Andy knows he needs to take responsibility for his health.

He understands the information his doctors haven’t had time to read.

It’s simple and, when someone takes the time to explain, it’s easy to understand why sugar is bad and the sneaky ways it gets smuggled into his body.

And Andy takes simple actions to stop it from happening. It’s easy and fits into his lifestyle with no effort.

A major "moment of realisation" came with he found one of the side effects of insulin resistance is weight gain. It made sense because insulin stores sugar as fat, but by eating to treat his insulin resistance meant his fat melted away even though he was eating in the most decadent way he had for years.

Moving around was easier. His clothes fitted properly. His sleep apnoea had faded so he slept peacefully and the bone-tiredness he’d felt was a distant memory.

He’d been concerned he’d have to learn how to cook or that he’d be eating different food to the rest of his family, but that passed in a flash when one of his friends saw them in a restaurant and said in disbelief, “I know you said you were eating differently but how can you eat that with your diabetes?!” 

For the first time in years, he felt alive and looking forward to the future. Making the connection between insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes changed everything for him because he knew he could control his type 2.

Playing with his grandchildren became so much more enjoyable. He could get down on the ground and really play with them and be part of the fun and laughter. Before he’d just watch them play, feeling isolated from their joy. He’d never felt so CLOSE to them.

Andy knows the road ahead may not always be smooth and easy and that he’d need support to ensure the changes lasted, but that was a price worth paying because life was fun again.


The good news is that you get to choose to operate, think, and behave as Jerry or Andy.

It’s just a decision. But it’s your decision. No-one can make it for you. As Steven Pressfield says in The War of Art, “You have a choice. Do it or don’t do it.”

There is no easy way though. But you can stack the odds in your favour.

If you’ve read this far, you probably have the determination to make it all the way.

So, at long last, welcome and let me introduce myself.

My name is Mary and I’m a diabetes nurse from New Zealand. I’ve seen the pain of type 2 in my own family and I’ve made it my mission to help people WHO WANT HELP.

If that’s you, I’ve put together special training I call “The 3-Step Guide To Dropping Your Blood Sugars

It contains the information you need to start the transformation into Andy. Everything is based on proven, peer-reviewed science.

You’ll know the foods to eat that naturally reduce your blood sugars.

You’ll know the foods to avoid, especially the “healthy” ones that cause spikes in your sugars.

And I include the three tips that make managing your sugars so much simpler. (Hint: If you’ve avoided “diets” you’ll love the food you should be eating… think filling, tasty and zero deprivation.)

In 20 years this information will be common knowledge and the standard way to handle type 2 diabetes because it works.

The question I always ask is, “Do you have 20 years to wait?

None of us do.

Which is why I created this training. It  explains what you need to know so you can transform from Jerry to Andy.

It’s all plain English and at the end you’ll feel more confident, clear and vindicated that all those doubts you had were true.

If you’d like me to send you a link to the video, click the blue "Yes, I want to drop my sugars" button below, enter your email address, and I’ll send you a link to the latest version.