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Here's what other diabetics have to say...

Dave Johnson

I've been type 2 free for two years now

I sent Mary a really angry email because I thought it would be a load of rubbish. If you could actually reverse type 2 why wasn't my nurse and doctor helping me? But Mary responded and the rest is history. I've been type 2 free for two years now. I feel amazing like I've got my life back and all of my friends and family must be sick of hearing 'Mary said...' Why doesn't everyone know this?

Dean Cahill

I had a 25 point drop in my HbA1c last week...

I am on this journey, I have found challenging times easier to cope with and I no longer reach for carbs for comfort. I had a 25 point drop in my HbA1c last week and nothing tastes as good as that feels. You're worth it, if you don't look out for yourself, who else will? Mary has lots of excellent advice and strategies.

Heather Howson

Nice not to be dismissed as a lazy, obese person...

Thanks for explaining everything in simple enough terms that I can understand. It all makes sense and  I'm looking forward to working my way through the modules. Nice not to be dismissed as a lazy, obese person who deserves what they get by the medical profession.

About Mary

Mary trained as a nurse in Napier, New Zealand where a traumatic family event drove her to a life-long desire to help people understand why they have type 2 diabetes and how to control their sugars naturally.  

An obsession with science and medicine led her to create a large, thriving and welcoming community of people who have successfully reversed their type 2 diabetes and who want to help others too.

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